How to Update Facebook on Android

Android apps get new updates frequently. In this guide, you will learn how to update Facebook on Android and also how to updates all the other applications on an Android device.

Update Facebook on Android


Open Google Playstore on your Android device


Click on the profile option at the top-right corner and select manage apps and devices from the list.

Google Play Store Manage Apps &Amp; Devices
Google Play Store: Manage Apps & Devices


Tap the Manage tab. You will see all the apps installed on the Android device.
To check the apps which need updates, tap the Updates available tab. To update only Facebook, select Facebook from the list.

Select Facebook From The Update List


Tap the Update button; it will start installing the updates.

How To Update Facebook On Android

You can also search for Facebook on the search bar and update the app.

Search Facebook On Google Playstore

How to turn on auto-updates on Google Play Store

You can turn on auto-updates for the apps on Google Play Store, so the apps get updated automatically.

  1. Open Settings on the Google Play Store
  2. Select Network preferences.
  3. Select Auto-update apps.
  4. Select one option between Over any network and Over Wi-Fi only.
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