How to Cancel PayPal Subscriptions (recurring payments through PayPal)?

You can cancel the subscriptions made with your PayPal account. No matter what the subscriptions are for. For this, you need to have access to your PayPal account.

Let’s see the step-by-step guide:

Cancel PayPal Subscriptions (Recurring payments)


On your Paypal account, go to Account Settings.

Paypal Account Settings Link
PayPal Account Settings link


Under the Account settings, select Money, banks and cards.

Paypal Money, Banks And Cards Menu
PayPal Money, banks and cards menu


Find the Automatic payments section. Here you can see the recurring payments.

Click on the Manage Automatic Payment link to open the management page.

Paypal Automatic Payments


Select the services you want to cancel the payment for.

Select A Service To Cancel Recurring Payment
Select a service to cancel the recurring payment


You will see the details of that service.

Click on the Cancel button to cancel the subscription.

Cancel Paypal Subscriptions
Cancel PayPal Subscriptions


It will ask for your confirmation again.

Click on the Deactivate quicker checkout button to continue.

Deactivate Paypal Recurring Payment

Finally, you will see the confirmation that the subscription has been canceled. Click on the Done button to continue to the Automatic payments page.

You will receive an email from PayPal with the same confirmation.

Paypal Recurring Payment Cancellation Successful
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