Top 5 Sites for Online Courses

You can take online courses to learn some new skills or improve your skills. It does not matter whether you are working full time or part-time or you are not working yet. I have discussed the top 10 online learning platforms, where you can choose to improve your skills or to learn some new skills.

Some of the websites also provide degrees from the leading universities around the world. You can get your degree from these universities with the online course.


Udemy is a fast-growing platform for online courses. More than 100,000 courses are available in different languages and updating monthly.

Almost all of the variety of online courses are available on Udemy. And one good thing is most of the courses are practical job-related. It means you will get to learn about real-life projects while you will learning. It will help a lot when you will work after the course.

You only need to subscribe to a course for only which you want to take. Udemy has no Monthly or Yearly plan. When you will take a course, you will have lifetime access to the course.

You will get a certificate for the courses you will complete from Udemy.

Another good thing is that Udemy provides free access for some courses, but for a limited period of time. You can enroll in the courses when it becomes free and take the courses when you want to.



Lynda or LinkedIn Learning (Lynda is acquired by LinkedIn) has a large library for an online video course. It provides creative and technical skills for personal and business solutions.

Lynda has monthly and yearly subscription plans. You can get access to all the video courses by subscribing to a monthly and yearly plan.
It has different subscription plans for government and business solutions.

Lynda also provides certificate after successfully completion of a course.

Lynda has free trial plan for one month. You can try with the trial plan for one month.

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Coursera is partnered with leading universities around the world. You can take any online course on Coursera or you can get a degree from a university on different subjects available.

You can get a degree on Business, Computer Science, Data Science and, Public Health. It provides Bachelor degrees as well as Masters degrees.

Many courses on Coursera are free, you can enroll a course for free. And Coursera provides 7 days free trial. You can try its free trial before subscribing any course or degree.

You will get a certificate of a degree or for the course you will take.


Skillshare provides community-based online video courses. It has thousands of online learning courses.

Skillshare has a course based subscription plan. You can enroll for a course only with the subscription of the course.
It has also premium subscription plan with the monthly and yearly packages.

You can get full access of the of its courses with the premium plan.

Skillshare also has a trial plan for 14 days. You can try its trial plan before choosing any premium plan or before enrolling in any course.

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Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a place where you can take online courses for free. It has courses for the students from Kindergarten to Calculus.

Khan Academy is a nice online course site for Mathematics and Science. It has a variety of classes for Mathematics. It also has a variety of online courses for Computer technology.

After completing a lesson you have to take a quiz for the same. It is a nice way to remember what you learned from the course.

Bonus: Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors has hundreds of Virtual Summer Camps available, with a large majority of them totally free for students! Classes range from K-12, and any learner is sure to find a class that interests them. Some camps are led by celebrities like Coyote Peterson (Animal Planet Expert) and Phil Cook (TikTok Chemist). Some other intriguing courses are “Creative Writing Cafe,” taught by published authors and “Knock….Knock….It’s Improve,” which is taught by actual improvisers. Go to the Varsity Tutors website to check them all out!

Final thoughts

You will find many online courses on the above mentioned websites, choose the course what you need or what you may need in future.

Choose the courses based on the reviews on the course. You can search online for the course ratings and reviews before enrolling in any. There are lots of communities where you will find discussions about the courses and also for the websites.

Leave a comment on what you want to learn in 2020 to improve your skill or to get a new skill from these online course websites.

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