How to Upload Multiple Files to Google Drive from Android?

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Google Drive gives the scope to upload and store files. You can upload files to Drive on a computer as well as on mobile. It has applications for both of the device types.

Here you will learn how you can upload multiple files to Google Drive. And, how easily you can share those files with anyone or someone.

Upload multiple files at once on Google Drive on a mobile:

STEP 1: Open the Drive application on your Android mobile. If it is not installed, you can download it from the Playstore.

STEP 2: Now, go to the Files tab and select(or create) a folder to keep the files organized. This way it will also help you to share the files using one link only if you want to.

Files Option On Google Drive App

STEP 3: Under the folder click on the plus(+) button to start the uploading process.

File Upload Button On Google Drive App On Mobile

STEP 4: Select the Upload menu.

File Upload Option On Google Drive App On Mobile

STEP 5: On the Upload window select the files location.

Folder Selection For Uploaing To Google Drive

STEP 6: Now select multiple files(as you want to upload multiple files). You can tap on the files to select, or you can also select all the files at once using the Select all feature at the top.

File Selection For Uploaing To Google Drive

STEP 7: Now, click on the OPEN option at the top. It will start the file uploading.

Files Open To Google Drive From Mobile

STEP 8: The file uploading depends on the file sizes and the connection speed. You can check the upload process.

Google Drive File Uploading Progress

Share multiple files on Google Drive app:

You can share a file or a folder from Google Drive. Here you have two choices, one is to share with some particular people and another is to share the link so anyone can get access to the files.

Click on the three dots at the top-right and you will find the sharing options.

To share with anyone, you have to turn on the Link sharing option.

Sharing To Person On Drive


Frequently asked questions

How to upload photos to Google Drive from iPhone?

To upload photos from iPhone to Google Drive you need to download the Drive app from app store. Sign in to Drive using a Gmail account and start uploading photos.

Can I upload a folder to Google Drive?

Yes, you can upload folder to Google Drive.

Can I set automatic file upload to Google Drive?

You can set auto-upload feature on Google Photos app to backup all photos from the phone.

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