How to share Live Location on Google Maps?


You can share your location on Google Maps to anyone you want to locate your home, office, etc. But when you are moving or going anywhere, your location will be changed at every moment. Then you have to share the Live Location. You can do this in an easy way on Google Maps.

Share Live Location on Google Maps:

  1. Open Google Maps

    Open the Google Maps application on your phone. You can see your current location there, it may take some moment to update your current location.

    Open google map

  2. Click on your location

    You will be able to see your live location. Click on the blue circle(your location). It will open another window and give you options to share your location or your live location.Sharing window

  3. Share your location

    On this window Click on Share your location. And you will get options to share your location as well as live location.

  4. Select sharing platform

    In this window, you will have to choose to share time, you can choose hours, minutes etc or you can choose until you turn it off manually.
    And choose the platform on which you want to share the location/live location. You can send it to the contacts of your google accounts, or you can choose any other options like WhatsApp, SMS, etc.
    Share to contacts

  5. Send to contact

    Finally, choose the contact with whom you want to share the location, and send it.
    Sharing SMS

  6. It will send a link to Google Maps, by link will automatically open on Google Maps on the receiver’s phone. He/She can check your location on Google Maps for the period set by you at the time of sharing.

You can turn off the live location sharing when you want to. After that nobody will be able to see your live location. You can send it as many people as you want.

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