2 Methods to Share a Specific Tab(Sheet) in Google Sheets

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Sometimes we need to share an individual tab(sheet) in Google sheet instead of the whole Google Sheets. But, in Google Sheets we can not share only one tab from the whole Sheets, instead, we can share only the whole Google Sheet all the tabs included.

But, using the below-mentioned methods you can share any individual tab from your Google Sheet. Let’s see the methods…

1. Create a separate Google Sheet for the tab and share it

In this method, you have to create a new Sheet and connect the new Google Sheet with the tab you want to share. You can connect the tab with the new Sheet using only one function. And, it will update the new Sheet automatically whenever you make any changes on the main Sheet.


Create a new Google Sheet


In the first cell of the new Google Sheet type the following function. Replace “URL_of_the_main_sheet” with the main Google Sheet URL, “sheet/tab_name” with the sheet/tab name you want to share, and mention the area you want to share from the main sheet.

=IMPORTRANGE("URL_of_the_main_sheet", "sheet/tab_name!A1:J2000")
C:\Users\Nuris\Desktop\Screenshots\Importrange Function In Google Sheets.jpg

See more about this function.

After completing the function hit the Enter button from your keyboard. Then it will ask to allow the connection between the sheets.

Allow Connection Between Two Google Sheets

You will see all the data from the main Google Sheet here.


Now you need to share the new sheet with the Viewer permission. So that the other person can not change the function on the Google Sheet.

Share Google Sheet With Viewer Permission

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2. Use the “Publish to the web” function

Another method to share a specific tab from Google Sheet is use the “Publish to the web” function with the specific tab.


Under the File menu select “Publish to the web“.

Google Sheets Publish To The Web Function


Select the tab/sheet you want to share.

Make sure web page is selected on the type drop-down.

Copy the link and share it.

Share Publish To Web Link On Google Sheets

Video Tutorial on How to Share a Specific Tab(Sheet) in Google Sheets

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