How to Change Computer Name?

  • Post published:November 28, 2020
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By default Windows 10 sets the computer name with a generic name like ‘DESKTOP-E05N394‘. And this can be changed to a name you want.

You may want to change the computer name for many different reasons, like you want to identify the computer by giving it a name like ‘Entertainment-PC‘, or you may want to rename the computer to identify it on the networks by its name.

There can be many reasons for changing the computer name. Let’s see how to change the computer name…

How to Change Computer Name?

STEP 1: Open the Windows Settings by clicking on the Settings button from the Windows menu.

Windows Settings Button From Start Menu

STEP 2: Go to the System option under Windows Settings.

System Settings Option Under Windows 10 Settings

STEP 3: On the System settings go to the About section. Under About click on the Rename this PC button.

How To Change Computer Name

STEP 4: It will ask to enter a new name for the PC. Enter the name here and click on the Next button.

Rename Windows Computer

STEP 5: Finally, it will ask to restart the PC to make the change. After closing all the active applications click on the Restart now button.

Restart Pc To Affect The New Name

Now, when the computer starts you can see the new name has been affected.

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