How to Change Twitter handle?

Twitter is becoming more useful for professionals. It allows us to connect with the businesses with their updates and businesses with their potential customers. If your Twitter handle does not represent your profile/name you can change it.

The process of changing the Twitter handle takes only a minute. And it does not require any verification. Let’s start to the task…

How to change Twitter handle

You can change the Twitter handle on the mobile application as well as on a browser. I have explained both ways. Follow the guide according to your device.

  • How to change Twitter handle on mobile

    • Open Twitter menu

      Open the Twitter menu by clicking on the profile picture on the top of the screen. It will open the Twitter menu on the left side of the screen.

    • Go to Settings and privacy

      On the Twitter menu, you will find Settings and privacy. Click on that menu to open Twitter Settings and privacy page.

    • Open Account options

      Open Account options from the Account menu.

    • Open username option

      Click on the username to edit the handle.

    • Chose a new username

      Type a new username on the New field available under the Current username. If the new username is available, you can set it as your new Twitter handle.

      Click on the Done button at the bottom of the screen.

  • How to change Twitter handle on a desktop browser

    • Go to More from the menu

      On the left side of the Twitter page you will see More option. Click on that menu.

    • Open Settings and privacy

      Click on Settings and privacy menu on the pop up menu window to open Twitter Settings page.

    • Go to username section

      On the Settings and privacy page under Account tab click on username(where your current username is showing).

    • Change username

      Now on the Change username page choose a new username you want and save it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Twitter handle be changed?

Yes, you can change Twitter handle (@username) on Account settings under Settings & Privacy. This can be changed on a mobile as well as on twitter on web.

Can you change your twitter handle and keep followers?

Yes, after changing Twitter handle the followers will stay safe. It will not affect the account in any way.

Can two twitter accounts have the same username?

No, the usernames on Twitter are unique. You can not create a username that is already on Twitter.

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