Brave the best privacy enabled Browser.

  • Post published:January 18, 2020
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Brave is an open-source browser, the browser is available for Windows, Mac, and Android. The browser’s main focus is to prevent users’ data from third parties, and it also automatically blocks ads.

Brave is based on chromium, if you use the browser you will not miss Google Chrome(which is very popular), every features you get on Google Chrome you will get it on Brave. And it has some additional features.

Features of Brave browser:

Brave Ad Blocking , Https Upgrade And Fast Web Browsing
  • The Browser prevents websites from collecting user data.
  • It blocks ads and trackers.
  • It automatically upgrades to HTTPS.
  • And the speed of page loading increases.
  • It also prevents websites from recognizing your device.
  • It has an option to private browsing options with integrated tor support which allows browsing anonymously.
  • The browser’s main focus is to prevent users’ data.
Brave Private Window With Inbuilt Tor Support

Now it is the age of ads and trackers, every website you visit shows you some ad, collects data. Some websites also track every mouse movement. Brave is a good option for you to browse safely.

Nur Islam

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