How to send Image as Document on WhatsApp?

  • Post published:January 27, 2020
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When you send an image to a person by WhatsApp, it compresses the image. For that reason the quality of the image lower down. The person can not see the full resolution of the image.

Here is a trick to send the full resolution image on WhatsApp. You can do that just by sending the image as a document. How to do that?

Send image as a document:

  1. Open the chat.

    Open the chat of that person whom you want to send the image. Click on the PaperClip icon just near the camera icon.

  2. Select Document option

    It will open a small window. Click on Document.

  3. Open the Image

    It will open your file manager. Open the image folder and select the image, it will send the image to the person.

  4. Image Sent.

    The selected image has been sent.

The Selected image has been sent as a document. It will be uncompressed. The receiver will receive the image with full resolution.

Nur Islam

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