What is VPN – Virtual Private Network?


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It creates a private network between you(your computer/device) and the webserver.

How VPN Works?

Imagine you have logged one a website the domain name is converted by the internet to it’s IP address and hits on that web server. When you request for data it sends data to your IP and vice versa. But the data you send or you receive can be tracked by hackers or government agencies. VPN first encrypts your data and then sends it to the webserver. So if the hackers hack your data it will very tough for them to read your data.

Now I will explain the benefits of using a VPN.


With using VPN your IP address changed by the VPN service provider. Nobody can locate you with your IP. Some websites are not available for some locations. You can easily access these websites by using VPN.
Some websites show you location-based content. If you can not access that information with your location, VPN can unlock these contents by changing your location to a virtual location.



Some website collects your data to give you user-based ads. VPN will hide your actual identity so the website will be fooled and will not able to collect your original data.


VPN Secures your data with its encryption and your data is safe throughout the Internet. It is very important to secure your data if you are using the online banking system.

How to use VPN?

There are many VPN service providers with some subscription package. You can choose one of your choices. If you are using Computer VPN can be installed on your computer. You will also find applications for your mobile devices. Some VPN service providers provide router-based encryption technology. It installed in your internet router, all the devices will be secured under the network. You do not have to install VPN clients on all your devices.

The subscription fee for VPN?

For that, you have to research a little to find the cheap and best package according to your necessity.

You can also use some free VPN clients. Some providers give you limited data usage for a trial period, you can check that before subscribing to any package.
You can also find some free VPN extensions for your browser, you can use this it is totally free.

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